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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Multi-Windows on any 4.0+ devices

How to install multi-windows in any android device by using xposed installer?

Download this archive first from 4Shared OR ZippyShare

then extract archive and install xposed installer

Open and click on framework and  click on install/update and grant super user permission.

then reboot (Restart) mobile.

Then install xHalo

then you will get notification about module not active click on that notification and then active Xhalo module and then reboot mobile.

Or you can active it manually for that open xposed installer then click on Modules and mark on xHalo

then open Xhalo

and click on Popup Behavior and then click on show app in resents and then Force New Windows in halo

then click on Movable & Resizable and turn on 1st line

then click on tilebar setting and enable tilebar setting

then click on testing area and then click on launch xposed installer in halo

then exit from app and install floatifications and then install floatifications unlcoker and open it

wait for some time.

then you will got congratulations msg and then  uninstall floatification unlocker and open floatification app

click on next 12 time and then finish and then ok

now click on app notification and then click ok you will go in accessibility menu at there on floatifications and then again open floatification menu.

then click on app notification and then mark on all

now click on the pin image which is last second under every app.

then back and then click on setting and then click on last line launch apps in halo windows

then reboot your mobile.

Now you can see circles on screen

 click on them and then click on any app which you want to open in multi windows. You can see apps are open in multi windows.

Now enjoy multi-windows in your Android.

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