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Sunday, 9 March 2014

How To Play HD Games Without Lag?

How To Play HD Games or Keep more Ram free?

Tweak for play HD games without hang mobile

(it can drain your battery)

at first download RAM booster pro app from here

and then download ram manager pro from here (6.0.4)

and then setCPU from here (2.24)

now install all apps.

open ram booster

then click on setting and boost level aggressive

then click on auto boot setting and then click on boost automatically and make ram threshold 300 and boost interval 30 second

then click on clean catch setting and then click on auto clean and auto clean frequency 6 hours

now reboot mobile.

now open RAM manager pro and grant super user permission and then click on more free memory

then click on set on boot and then click on lock launcher in memory

then click on clean memory - yes and then clean drop caches -yes

then click on VM heap size and make it half and reboot mobile.

now open setCPU and grant permission and them click on recommend setting then drag MHz min to 1200 (Or maximum) and click on set on boot and then set governor as performance and then reboot mobile.

And when mobile Hang some time then click the ram booster icon on the top-center of your screen.

now play HD games without any error.

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